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Hungry Students Struggle in School

An assessment of food insecurity and resources

In Oklahoma, nearly 24 percent of children live in food-insecure households, and 62 percent of Oklahoma public school students are enrolled in the free-and- reduced price meal program. Many of these students do not have access to adequate nutritious food over the weekends, holidays, or during the summer. Not having enough to eat has severe consequences for our children.

Hungry Children are more likely to:

Be at risk of obesity compared to food secure children

Be hyperactive and have behavioral problems

Be absent or tardy and be suspended from school

Have poorer overall grades; perform worse in reading, math, and science; and score lower on standardized tests

Children and families are not the only hungry people in Oklahoma. Senior adults struggle with food insecurity and rural communities have a significantly higher rate of food insecurity and hunger than urban areas. Read our full report to learn more about how hunger impacts Oklahoma’s children, seniors, and communities.

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