Tulsa Kitchens Unite

Tulsa Kitchens Unite was a 12-week program serving 30,000 meals per week during the COVID-19 shutdown. This program concluded on Friday, June 26. If you are in need, find alternate food resources on our COVID-19 resources page or learn more about applying for SNAP.

How Tulsa Kitchens Unite Worked

From April through June 2020 we partnered with locally owned restaurants/caterers (with the ability to produce pre-prepared and refrigerated/frozen to-go style meals) and the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma to provide free meals to families. The program goals were keeping local kitchens open, keeping workers paid, and keeping local families fed.

The funding allowed for a 12-week program and we distributed over 360,000 meals. We, at HFO, will continue to look at creative partnerships to meet the needs of Oklahomans during COVID-19 and beyond.

Additional Food Resources

Need grocery assistance? Apply for SNAP.

Learn about additional food resources in Oklahoma during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Thank You Partners!

Thank you to all of the kitchens, funders, and school sites who participated in Tulsa Kitchens Unite!

Susannah and Jim Adelson Family Foundation

and a big thank you to T-shirt purchasers

and numerous generous individual donors!

In partnership with…

With some amazing partner kitchens…

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